Visit the beautiful Vipava Valley and enjoy wine tasting in boutique family-run winery. The farm is enclosed within stone walls of a Podraga village, which lies at the very beginning of the Vipava Valley.

The winegrowing and winemaking tradition at the Cultus family farm goes back to the 17th century.


I see wine as an form of art. Making wine, involves making decisions; matters of opinion. It is these choices which determine what results in the glass, from what to plant to when to pick to which oak to use. All this decisions giving each wine a unique personality and character (my character). Great wine has the rare capacity to move the drinker in a way that science cannot.

Matej Žvanut

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Vipava Valley

Region is famous for its unique wines, local hospitality and remarkable scenery. The Vipava valley is nested beneath a mighty mountain range and has always been an important path towards the Mediterranean. Marked by strong winds, especially the bora wind (wind that reaches speeds of 200km/hr), it is one of the sunniest regions in Slovenia.



The farm is enclosed within stone walls of a small Primorska village of Podraga. The village, which lies at the very beginning of the Vipava Valley, is historically rich winegrowing village, and as such already mentioned by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor. It is quite difficult to determine up to where and how far into the past the art of vine and viniculture on the present estate extends. If we consider the earliest given date, we can set its beginning in the year 1683 For me I can say that Im a farmer from my childhood when I after tragic events in 90’ heritage father estate. Once was this traditional mix farm, today is our key on the art of making wine and living.

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We are Cultus - a boutique organic winery committed to producing wines in a pure and natural way.

We, Matej and Carolin are passionate about our ecological wines, working both in the vineyards and cellar. All the work in our winery is managed by ourselves and with the help of our friends. We will always stay as a small wine estate, so we never lose touch with our grapes. The wine has a soul which should be experienced by every drop. Our partnership in the wine business is also a Love story. We are CULTUS in life and business.

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