100% Pinot Noir (Natural wine)

Pet Nat 21



Alcohol by volume

13,5 % vol.

Vinification & Maturation

The production of Pet Nat is based on a single fermentation that starts directly with sweet must. The wine that is already fermenting is bottled, and the fermentation process continues in the bottle until the rest of the sugar in the young wine is completely consumed.

The result is a dry Pet Nat with a brut nature sweetness level. This process produces the carbon dioxide that provides the excess pressure needed for the characteristic fizzing and foaming. To the Pet Nat no sulfide was added.

Wine features

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Name of the vineyard: Breg

Size of the vineyard: 0,4 ha

Biological farming: Yes, in certification process

Training system: Single guyot

Number of wines: ≈ 1500

Harvest: Hand picked

Yield per plant: ≈ 0,8 - 1,3 kg/plant

Maturaton: stainless steel – 3 weeks / in bottles – 3 weeks

Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation

Filtration: None

Bottles produced: 1200 - 0,75L