60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Pinot noir

Cultus Red 19



Alcohol by volume

13,0 %vol.

Vinification & Maturation

All of our red wine goes more or less through the same old fashion methode, with no big intervention in the process, we let nature do their job. Maceration is depending on the year, but generally it lasts from 10 – 30 days. months in oak barrels. Before we are bottling the wine it will be decanted for two months in a stainless steel tank.

We use yeast from the vineyard to start fermentation (spontaneous fermentation). After fermentation we continue malolactic fermentation with intense batonnage for 6 - 9 months in oak barrels, with no sulfite. The maturation process continues for 18-20.

Wine features

Top notes of black cherry and dark chocolate, which reminds of »Mon Cherri«. The nose reveals intense, clean, pleasing and refined aromas which start with hints of black cherry, plum and black currant. The pleasing acidity of Pinot Noir contributes to its elegance, whereas roundness will be the charming side of Merlot, as well as the appreciable astringency of tannins will give Cabernet Sauvignon its typical body. The mouth has good correspondence to the nose, a slightly a tannic attack and good roundness and however balanced by alcohol, good body, intense flavors, good tannins.

It goes very well with red meat, game, lamb and mature cheese or pasta.

Serve at 16-19°C. In the glass it shows a medium ruby red colour with beautiful reflections.

Alcohol by volume: 13,0 % vol.

Oak barrels: 18-20 months

The wine is unfiltrated.